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We have had Norwegian Elkhounds for over 30 years as family pets.  My children learned to walk holding on to the back of our first Elkhound, Aschli.  In 2003, after losing one of our rescues, Nikki, to Mast Cell tumors, I began searching for another Elkhound.  We had decided that we wanted a puppy this time.  During the 3 hour phone interview to see if I was worthy of one of her puppies, Cyndi Kraus, of Ashlawn Acres introduced me to the world of dog shows.  With high hopes and very little knowledge, I brought home Ashlawn's Ashton Nikita.  Unfortunately, because we lived too far away for Cyndi to provide the hands on training that I needed, I didn't train him for the conformation ring like I should have.  In 2005, we moved to Greenville, MS and became involved with an active all breed kennel club and I suddenly was surrounded by a whole new world of mentors.
We have 4 adult Elkhounds in our household right now, including an older rescue, Smokey.  Our dogs are part of our family and all stay in the house with us.  They have wonderful temperaments and love to be around people.  



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