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Aiysha (Misty)
Misty got her name because she has always been the lightest of all the puppies and I think will look more like her mom than the others.  She is a very sweet, loving little girl that likes to cuddle.
She now has a new home in Gloucester, MA with her new mom, Susan.
4 Weeks
8 Weeks
This is about 12 weeks.  I had her on the table doing her nails and she stacked herself and was looking at her mom on the floor.
Here's Misty and her sister, Whisper ready to fly to their new lives in CO and meeting a new friend after they arrived.
This is Misty with her new best friend, Pearl, who is a Norwegian Buhund.
Misty at about 13-14 months old, while she was still in CO.
She's such a sweet girl.  She's now 3 and sharing a home with her 2 "brothers" Majka and Cheyene. 



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