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Rose is now Maggie Rose and is living with Karen and Jim in North Carolina.  This is the day she went to her new home.
Rose is a real people lover and would rather be petted than eat.  She will literally throw herself at you, sometimes over the other dogs to give kisses.  She has always been the most active, even at birth, which makes getting a good picture of her a challenge.
Here she is at 4 Weeks
At 8 Weeks
When I saw the pictures we took outside, I had to redo the side view because it looks like she has no neck because she was pulling back.  As you can see in the inside view, she does.  Did I mention how hard it is to get a good picture of her??
Here's Maggie Rose with her "uncle" Cowboy.
I can't open my eyes, the sun is just too bright.
 Enjoying Christmas. 
Relaxing after Christmas.
Enjoying the snow.       
Maggie Rose with her dad, Jim.
Nine Months Old.
Maggie Rose at a year old and a couple of months later with her new brother.



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