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We were able to go to China and see Julie and her family for Christmas in 2008.  This is one of the few pictures that I have of me with both of my grandchildren.
Isaac was 4 in August, 2008.
Dorrie's First Birthday-February 2008
Yixaing with Isaac and Dorrie.
Dorrie - August, 2008 at Isaac's Birthday party.
Isaac and Dorrie at the airport at Christmas time, 2009.

Here's a couple of new pictures of Dorrie and Isaac.  I don't know if she is really playing, but she's definitely concentrating.  This was from Isaac's 5th birthday and one of the gifts that Grandma sent.
I just had to add this wonderful picture of Julie.

I have enough pictures of Isaac and Dorrie to fill up an entire website, but here are some of my favorites from Oct. 2011  Isaac is 7 and Dorrie is almost 5.
Isaac and Dorrie got a puppy!  He's not a Norwegian Elkhound but he's still pretty cute. :-)  Here's Dorrie and Lewis.



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