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 ????-June 28, 2011
Smokey came to us in March of 2005.  We think he's probably about 13 years old.  This poor guy has had some challenges in his life but is such a sweet dog.  He was rescued from a shelter by a wonderful family when he was about 2.  Apparently, he had been abused at some point but overcame alot due to their love and patience.  After 6 years of roaming free on a farm, his family moved to town and he became an escape artist.  He was rehomed with friends who had a farm, but was hit by a car while running with their dogs, and was returned to his family.  Afraid that he would continue to get out of their yard, he was surrendered to the JNMRF Elkhound rescue and we picked him up.  We took him in as a foster dog but after he had been with us for a year and had settled in to our household, he became a "foster failure" and became an official part of our family on May 1, 2006.
Over the last couple of years his arthritis had gotten worse and he was pretty stiff at times.  At one point, we think he was bumped by one of the other dogs and injured his back leg.  We tried to treat the pain, but that caused some stomach issues.  He finally got to the point that he couldn't get up at all, even though he was still eating well.  When it was obvious that he was in a lot of pain, we knew it was time to let him go.  He was such a sweet boy and will always be missed.



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